Registering for the streaming portal

The film sequences shown here are exclusively intended for research and training purposes. At present, this service is free of charge.

Permitted access: teachers and students in Waldorf teacher-training courses, members of universities and colleges in general, and students and teachers of all disciplines.

You will need to apply for access here. Your application will be processed manually. Please allow at least one working day for this to be completed. Once your status has been verified, you will receive an email informing you that your account has been set up. The films will then be available to you as stream. Downloading is not envisaged. 

Means of verification:

  • Send us a link to the website of your education/research institution which mentions you by name as working in research or training.
  • Use our form, scanning it in and returning it to us as email attachment or by post. The form can be downloaded here.
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