The Ship that turned over

simple, easy version

After the world of fairy tales, legends and nursery tales, this story leads into “real life“, in short sentences, simply structured. - A ship sinks in the Atlantic, its passengers are saved, the captain attempts to salvage the wreck but fails. - Suitable for a short and exciting read, unhampered by “hard“ words, once the vocabulary of ship and seamanship is mastered. (Even simple words are explained in the annotations, mainly in English). For Class 5/(4). Limited stock.
Titel The Ship that turned over
Untertitel simple, easy version
Autor:in John Anderson
Herausgegeben von Christoph Jaffke
Auflage 2. unveränderter Nachdruck, 2019 (Klammerheftung)
Verlag Pädagogische Forschungsstelle Stuttgart
Umfang 40 Seiten
Format 14,8 x 21 x 0,4 cm
Preis 4,00 €
Bestellnummer 600009