Topics in Mathematics for the 12th Grade (volume 1)

based on teaching practices in Waldorf Schools

Based on teaching practices in Waldorf schools
This book is centered on the differential and integral calculus. This calculus is a main focus of the mathematics curriculum in the 12th Grade in Waldorf schools. This domain offers on the one hand inexhaustible possibilities for exploring philosophical as well as mathematical questions. On the other hand, college preparatory exams require mastery of a variety of challenging application areas. This volumes brings together numerous articles of a fundamental nature describing how to access this theme for classroom presentation. There are also contributions on the deeper significance of the infinitesimal calculus, and on the concept of infinity. Articles on general educational methodology round off the volume.
  • Differential and integral calculus
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Titel Topics in Mathematics for the 12th Grade (volume 1)
Untertitel based on teaching practices in Waldorf Schools
Reihe Creation + Discovery Mathematics
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Autor:innen Peter Baum, Karl-F. Georg, Georg Uwe Hansen, Detlef Hardorp, Walter Hutter, Markus Hünig, Klaus Labudde, Rolf Rosbigalle, Stephan Sigler
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