They Fought for Freedom - Reader

In the United States, a symbol of hope for the world, blacks were slaves, working to make other people rich. Here are some of the stories of those who fought to be free:  the Underground Railroad, the Bus Boycott in Montgomery, school integration and sit-ins, as well as Martin Luther King’s  ‘I Have a Dream’ speech and Barack Obama, the first black president. “It’s been a long time coming,” said Obama  in his victory speech in 2008. “But change has come to America.” Cast in narrative form for a fast and easy read, this text is supplemented by songs as well as vocabulary page-by-page AND in word-fields.   A separate workbook is available with comprehension work graded in three levels of difficulty and a wide range of grammar exercises, all keyed to the reader text and offering a complete revision of basic English grammar.
Titel They Fought for Freedom - Reader
Reihe They Fought for Freedom
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Herausgegeben von Peter Morris
Auflage 2. überarbeitete Auflage, 2020 (Klammerheftung)
Verlag Pädagogische Forschungsstelle Stuttgart
ISBN 9783944911755
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