The Ship that Turned Over

Simple, easy version

Materials for language teaching at Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Schools

After the world of fairy tales, legends and nursery tales, this story leads into “real life“, in short sentences, simply structured.

A ship sinks in the Atlantic, its passengers are saved, the captain attempts to salvage the wreck but fails. - Suitable for a short and exciting read, unhampered by “hard“ words, once the vocabulary of ship and seamanship is mastered. (Even simple words are explained in the annotations, mainly in English).

For Class 5/(4). Limited stock.

Higher version of the same story - edition for class 6/(7): The Flying Enterprise

Titel The Ship that Turned Over
Untertitel Simple, easy version
Autor Anderson, John; Jaffke, Christoph (Editor)
Verlag Edited by Christoph Jaffke in cooperation with the Pädagogische Forschungsstelle Stuttgart
Ausstattung Geheftet
Umfang 40 Pages
Format DIN A5
Preis 4,00 €