Hazy Mountain

The Story of an Indian Boy

Materials for language teaching at Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Schools This beautiful book tells the story of a young Indian boy who tames a wild horse that nobody else can ride. Suitable for use as a first reader, the text is complemented by rich colour illustrations on every page. For those teachers who wish to use it, the final two pages offer a brief overview of the main vocabulary in sentence form (’Things to remember’). – For Class 4/5.
Titel Hazy Mountain
Untertitel The Story of an Indian Boy
Autor:in Donald Bisset
Herausgegeben von Christoph Jaffke
Auflage 5. unveränderter Nachdruck, 2018 (Klammerheftung)
Verlag Pädagogische Forschungsstelle Stuttgart
ISBN 9783940606129
Umfang 33 Seiten
Format 14,8 x 21 x 0,2 cm
Preis 5,00 €
Bestellnummer 600076